Become a Distributor of Tirado Pilates Apparatus in your country. We have wholesale prices for our Proportioned Reformers, Pilates Wall and Easy Ship Pedi Pole. Sell them at retail in your country and realize a profit.

Each of these products can be shipped in parts and assembled at their destination. This means far cheaper shipping and that most countries will view the unassembled apparatus as a commodity, so the tariff and taxes may be far less.


Traditional Pilates Teacher Trainers are available to do training in your location for Pilates Instructors and advanced clients. Depending on the attendees your studio should be able to cover the expenses of the Teacher Trainer and enjoy a profit.


When you Import Tirado Pilates Apparatus to your country we will advise you in marketing through, printed material, social media and advertising. However, most of your sales will be word of mouth. As clients and Instructors work out on Tirado Pilates Apparatus they will want some for their studio or home. Plus, if you are holding training at your studio they will experience the apparatus.
We can set up a meeting to discuss a Distributorship.

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