Our commitment is to the integrity of the Pilates Method as taught by Joseph and Clara Pilates and the legacy that passes through Romana Kryzanowska. Tirado Pilates Apparatus is the standard in Pilates Apparatus.

After a June 2006 review of the Pilates Apparatus that Edgar manufactures Romana approved his design criteria as adhering to the traditional and original standards.

Edgar Tirado, founder of Tirado Pilates Apparatus and his studio, The Work, Pilates in Anderson, began studying the Pilates Method in Atlanta in 1997. He was Certified by Romana Kryzanowska and was selected as a Level 4 Teacher Trainer with Romana’s Pilates but currently works independently. He has worked to teach and maintain the integrity of Pilates through his studio, his work as a Teacher Trainer, in the teaching of seminars and workshops and in the manufacturing of this complete line of Pilates Apparatus.

He has been making apparatus for his use and many other studios since 1998 as seen in several pictures on our web site. We recently have expanded to manufacture the complete line of apparatus.

Edgar’s wife and partner Joan Hamilton brings with her a varied background in business and social services. She previously served as director of The Pilates Studio of Atlanta, a Certifying Center. Joan is dedicated to the expansion of Tirado Pilates Apparatus. She works in organization, promotion and customer service.

Peter Fiasca, founder of True Classical Pilates is a friend and mentor and we value his input and promotion of our Traditional Pilates Apparatus.

We encourage you to come have a session in our studio in South Carolina and experience Tirado Pilates Apparatus first-hand.

Tirado Pilates Apparatus has a commitment to the Traditional Method of Pilates. Many believe it is the gold standard of Pilates Apparatus. It has a classic beauty and an enduring quality.

The mission of Tirado Pilates Apparatus is to make the highest quality Traditional Pilates Apparatus for Pilates Studios and home use, to have excellent customer service, and to help preserve the Pilates Method as taught by Joseph Pilates and Romana Kryzanowska.


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